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Support and Contact Info

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I'm Lewis Van Winkle. I created Tulip Indicators, and I can be contacted by email at LV@tulipcharts.org.

The Tulip Charts family of free, open-source software has gotten increasingly popular over the last several years. Unfortunately, this puts me in a position where I can no longer justify the time to provide free, informal technical support - even for simple requests. I simply get too much email.

I certainly don't want to leave anybody without support, so I am now offering paid support tiers. I provide a discounted tier for hobbyists.

Single-user, non-commercial support

The hobbyist support tier is $250/yr. It includes simple email-only support for a single person using Tulip Indicators for their own personal use. This support is only for basic usage of Tulip Indicators. I cannot help you with integration at this price point. For that, please purchase the commercial support tier or contact me directly for a customized quote.

Purchase Tulip Indicators, single-user, non-commercial support, one year

Commercial single-user support

The commercial single-user support tier is $2450/yr. It includes email-only technical support for a single person using Tulip Indicators for any purpose, up to a maximum of 15 hours per year.

If you require pro-forma invoicing or other billing options, please email me.

Purchase Tulip Indicators, single-user support, one year

Enterprise support

For larger companies, please contact me for a customized support quote.

Contract Work

If you'd like any custom software work done, please email me for a customized quote. I can implement new or novel technical analysis methods, including machine learning based methods, for very competitive rates.